Castlewellan Forest Park

Castlewellan Forest Park covers over 1000 acres of land and is home to the National Arboretum with trees and shrubs from all over the world.

In the middle of the forest park, overlooking the lake, is Castlewellan Castle which was built in 1856. Nowadays the castle serves as a conference centre and is not open to the general public.

One of the park’s most popular attractions is the Peace Maze covering nearly 3 acres with over 2 miles of pathway. At the heart of the maze is the peace bell, which is there to be rang by anyone skilful enough to successfully navigate their way to the centre.

There are a variety of activities available to park visitors, whether it is walking, cycling or horse riding along the many trails, trout fishing in the lake or just having a barbeque in the picnic area.

The park is open daily from 10am until sunset.